January 28, 2016

Spa 6 Hours 2015

For the final race of the year we ventured across to Belgium for the Spa 6 Hour. A packed weekend with the Masters Historic Sports car race and competing in the six hour race in Nicholas King's Mustang.

With the notoriously wet weather of Spa, we were expecting good runs in both races. Qualifying for the Sports Car race was back to back with the Six hour qualifying session. We ended up in the middle of the pack of over 100 cars for the six hours with Nicholas setting the pace for the team and 10th on the grid and third in class for the Sports Cars. 

The six hour race started at 4pm on Saturday evening with part of the race being run in the dark. I took the chair for the first two hours, making up lots of places, ending the stint in 21st overall and leading the class. I had found my rhythm and managed to better the qualifying time by a couple of seconds a lap. Nick took over for the next two hours and held station, finishing the stint in 21st and still leading the class. By this time, night had fallen and I was ready for my tea and a beer but Chris, our third driver who was spannering for another team had was heavily involved in keeping their car going so I was ushered in for the third and final stint. Having never raced in the dark before I was some what apprehensive. As soon as I had fueled up and strapped in, the heavens opened. The race had to follow the safety car for a good 1/4 hour as stricken cars were recovered and the rain subsided. By this time we were down the order but I managed to get us back up to 25th overall, and 2nd in class. It was a fantastic result for the team and everyone was suitably chuffed. 

Ford Mustang

The Historic Sports car race was on Sunday afternoon. Starting on the 5th row, we were surrounded by T70's who were bound to get the jump on us at the start. I lost a couple of positions in the first couple of corners but managed to get back up to 7th by the end of the first lap. The car felt fantastic and by the end of the second lap we were up to 5th. If we could keep up the pace I was sure a podium was possible but half way through the 3rd lap, disaster struck again and not for the first time this year we had to retire with a suspected fuel problem. 

After the high of Saturday night, Sunday's result was a stark reminder that Motorsport can be a cruel mistress.