Spa 6 Hours

Spa Francorchamps

Fabulous circuit, fabulous event. What more could you ask for Spa-Francorchamps is a stunning circuit set in a spectacular area of the Ardennes forests surrounded by excellent restaurants and an arms reach from wonderful beer.

Spa 6 Hours
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The Spa Six Hours is a no-frills weekend of racing that gives you plenty of track time at one of the best tracks in the world. With Masters races plus guest races, there is a lot to do on-track, while the six hour race caters for Gentlemen Drivers style cars adding even more track time for your weekend. The FIA Masters Historic Formula One Championship is a perfect contrast to the modern F1 grid that will have been there a month before and with the WEC racing in May, compare and contrast with the FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Championship. The Spa 24 Hours caters for modern GT cars: Masters offers the Gentlemen Drivers Pre-66 GT grid while Pre-66 Touring Cars and 70s Celebration add to the excitement of the weekend. If you get a chance to take a breath, the Masters Drivers Club will look after you in the paddock to add to the atmosphere of one of the best weekends of historic racing around. Spa is easily accessible by road and air and with one of the worlds best tracks at the other end, it is a journey that you just have to make.

Race Line Up

  • FIA Masters Historic Formula One Championship (2 x 25 mins)
  • FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Championship (1 x 60 mins)
  • Gentlemen Drivers (1 x 90 mins)
  • Pre-66 Touring Cars (1 x 60 mins)
  • 70s Celebration (1 x 40 mins)
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